Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obama-mania goes full-cult

The March 4th, 2008 edition of the Chicago Tribune website included a feature entitled: "Test your Obama IQ", which contained seventeen multiple-choice questions about the most precious moments in the Obama's trek to the kingship. Each was more adoring than the last, leaving even the most fawning of the Trib's coverage of their Savior in the adulation dust.
Try this one: "What kind of car did Barack Obama buy to get him from Chicago to Boston to start Harvard Law School?"
Will there be a yellow-brick memorial of the Great One's early years, showing how he made this wonderful journey to become, wonderfully, even more wonderful?
Really, it would be humanly impossible to make this up, if one was trying to parody the collapse of morality within modern mainstream journalism.

Update: Yes, it can get worse. Also in the same online edition comes an article by Trib reporter Jason George, about a website named "I Dream Of Barack", in which participants, instead of seeking urgently needed mental health intervention, post what they say are their dreams about the Great One, with a decided tendency to include (based on the sample supplied) personal engagement scenarios (that's as polite a term as I can think of) bathing the dreamer in cascades of wonderfullness.
Your Correspondent apologizes for being unwilling to subject his own mental stability to any further shaking by actually directly perusing the dream-site. Tough is as tough does, but losing a perfectly good breakfast is more than this old nail-slugger's willing to give up for his readers.

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