Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Incomparable Iowahawk turns 5

Listen, we all know that the Internet has allowed the creation of a huge number of wonderful weblogs, scores or even hundreds of them intelligent, knowledgeable, peripatetic, and capable of knocking down untruths, false memes, faulty convential wisdom, and the myth of journalistic ethics. Your Correspondent will immediately cite Powerline, Instapundit, Jules Crittenden, and another half-dozen as the best of the best.
And while comparisons are indeed odius, they don't get any more olfactorily offensive than suggesting that there's a better observational blog, satire division than Iowahawk.
He, David Burge, is celebrating his fifth anniversary of being loose upon the 'nets, and I can only hope as a keyboard-pecker of grossly inferior skill, talent, and hope, to someday do a set of words that can come within an Iowa Interstate 80 mile (they are especially long, aren't they?) of Iowahawk's worst.
Yes, this is a crude attempt to gain entrance to IH's hallowed blogroll, and maybe even a blurb-out listing, but I still stand in awe of the capaciousness of mind that Mr. Burge has demonstrated to a barely worthy Web world and hope that he finds even greater success in the many half-decades to come.

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